News 2023 / 2024

> 22th August 2024
Festival St. Gallen – Portrait of composer Gerd Kühr
In this year’s portrait of a contemporary composer and conductor, works by Gerd Kühr will be presented.
Excerpts from videos of his operas and a composer talk will convey the life and work of the important artist Gerd Kühr.
Performers: Vanessa Latzko/ flute, Reinhard Latzko/ violoncello, Philipp Scheucher/ piano, Ineo string quartet

Start: at 19:30 in Burgruine Gallenstein, 8933 St. Gallen
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> 30th August 2023
Philipp Scheucher and Reinhard Latzko present works by Richard Strauss and Ludwig van Beethoven
together with music by Gerd Kühr “8 Porträts”.
Start: 19:30, Burg Rabenstein

> 17th April 2023
Philipp Scheucher (piano), programme details – Gerd Kühr “Zwei Intermezzi zu Schuberts Drei Klavierstücken”
Start: 19:00, Pantheon, Bonn, Germany

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> 19th March 2023
Philipp Scheucher (piano), programme details – Gerd Kühr “Zwei Intermezzi zu Schuberts Drei Klavierstücken”
Start: 11am, Schloss Gleinstätten, 8443 Gleinstätten

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Performance of Works 2022 / 2021 / 2020

> 28th December 2022 – Birthday celebrations
With his calm and deliberate manner, Gerd Kühr is one of the most interesting and
constant artistic voices in Austria. As a professor of composition
in Graz, he has also influenced and promoted generations of composers.
Today he celebrates his 70th birthday.
Program Design: Franz Josef Kerstinger
Start: at 23:03, Zeit Ton
 on Ö1
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> 24th December 2022 – Live from Radiokulturhaus.
Guest: The composer and composition professor Gerd Kühr.

Gerd Kühr gives insights into his worlds of music and thinking and brings not only
Christmas music to the Wiener Klangtheater.
Program Design: Albert Hosp
Start: at 10:05,  broadcast series
Klassik-Treffpunkt  Ö1
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> 24th October 2022
Broadcast of the concert from 7 October 2022
musikprotokoll 2022. Ensemble Zeitfluss plays music by Gerd Kühr.
Gerd Kühr celebrates his 70th birthday on 28 December 2022.
To mark this occasion, the Ensemble Zeitfluss played at the ORF musikprotokoll on 7th October 2022
works from several creative periods of the composer and conductor as well as two short world premieres.
Start: at 23:03, broadcast series Zeit-Ton Ö1
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> 7th October 2022 – Ensemble Zeitfluss / Gerd Kühr / musikprotokoll
Conductor: Edo Micic
A project by Ensemble Zeitfluss and Österreichische Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Musik (ÖGZM)
Concert begins at 22:00
Helmut List Halle, Waagner-Biro-Straße 98a, 8020 Graz
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> 18. September 2022 – Charity Concert for Ukraine
“Versuch über das Unbegreifliche” – World Premiere
Gerd Kühr composed a short new piece for this project that reflects on the incomprehensible:
a war in the middle of Europe in the 21st century – for 4 exceptional singers and percussionists.
The artistic embedding of this concert in the city of Graz will be done by Oliver Hangl in
cooperation with the  Art of Democracy Festival.
Start: at 20:00, Minoritensaal, Mariahilferplatz 3, 8020 Graz
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> 20th August 2022
Festival St. Gallen 

Solo evening by the Weiz keyboard dancer Philipp Scheucher:
From Mussorgsky’s to Liszt and Schubert to
Gerd Kühr (Zwei Intermezzi zu Schuberts “Drei Klavierstücke” D946) 
Start: at 19:30, Sommerrefektorium Stift Rein

> 18th August 2022
Festival St. Gallen 

DUO evening violoncello & piano
Works by Beethoven and Richard Strauss
Performers: Reinhard Latzko – violoncello, Philipp Scheucher – piano
Start: at 19:30 in Burgruine Gallenstein, 8933 St. Gallen

> 23th – 26th June 2022
Ausseer Gespräche 2022 under the motto

“Education: Right to education und Reality”
Em. o.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Gerd Kühr together with  Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Irmtraud Fischer is 
responsible for the conceptional design and management and is a board member of this event.
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> 3rd June 2022
»NeoAntik«.  Sommerkonzert der Schlagzeugklassen
Compositions from Greek culture on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of IANNIS XENAKIS,
with further contributions by Gerd Kühr (“Agaues Klage”), Konstantia Gourzi, Minas Borboudakis
und John Psathas.
Contributors: Students of the percussion classes,
Overall direction: Prof. Christian R. Wissel
Start: at 19:00 Uhr,  Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, Reaktorhalle

> Piano concerts with Philipp Scheucher in March und April 2022
Classical piano sounds can be heard at the concerts as part of the „Best of NRW 2“
series. There will be performed pieces by Franz Schubert,
Gerd Kühr (Zwei Intermezzi zu Schuberts “Drei Klavierstücke” D946),
Béla Bartók, Krzystof Meyer und Robert Schumann.
18th/ 23rd/ 25th/ 27th March and 3rd April 2022

> 10th March 2022
Piano concert with Philipp Scheucher
Classical piano sounds can be heard at the concert as part of the “Best of NRW 2” series.
Starting at 7 p.m. in the council chamber of the municipality of Finnentrop, pieces by
by Franz Schubert, Gerd Kühr (Zwei Intermezzi zu Schuberts „Drei Klavierstücke“ D946),
Béla Bartók, Krzystof Meyer and Robert Schumann will be performed.
Start: 7 p.m. at Finnentrop Town Hall

> 17th February 2022
– Opera by Gerd Kühr
Libretto by Franz Xaver Kroetz based on his play of the same name
Start: at 19:30
Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste
(Semperdepot), 1060 Wien, Lehargasse 8
Dates: 19th/22nd/24th und 25th February 2022
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> 9th August 2021
Homage to composer Gerd Kühr – broadcast series Zeit-Ton on Ö 1

Two years ago, on the initiative of Florian Geßler, 23 composers wrote piano pieces
for their colleague Gerd Kühr.
Gerd Kühr has contributed with much commitment to the fact that the Institute
for Composition at the University of the Arts in Graz  has taken an internationally acclaimed development.
Start: at 23:03 Uhr
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> Premiere on  9th July 2021
– Opera in 4 acts by Gerd Kühr
Libretto by Hans-Ulrich Treichel
Start: at 19:00
Leipzig Opera House
Dates: 10th and 11th June 2021 

> Days of the modern Piano, Graz 10th -12th June 2021
On the occasion of Gerd Kühr’s retirement, who has for many years helped to shape the internationally acclaimed
path of University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, a series of short piano pieces has been created,
written for Gerd Kühr by the composers of his former Institute. These extremely
and highly original miniatures will be performed by KULTUM on 10th June 2021.
Of course, there will also be piano pieces by Gerd Kühr.
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> 1st December 2020
Musica Pura z Austrii | Scena Muzyki Nowej
Musica Pura from Austria | Stage for New Music
At this concert, “Mùsica Pura” by Gerd Kühr, among others, will be performed.
Conductor: Andrzej Bauer
The concert can be experienced online via the Youtube channel of the Nowego Teatru.
Organiser: Witold Lutosławski Society, Co-Organiser: New Theatre
Start: at 19:00
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> 11th September 2020
The Festival Klangspuren Schwaz, Tyrolean festival of new music, this year refers to the
enormous density of first-class, internationally recognized artists from Austria.
At the opening concert “Mùsica Pura” by Gerd Kühr, among others, will be performed.
Conductor: Titus Engel
Start: at 20:00
Schwaz, SZentrum, Silbersaal, Andreas-Hofer-Str. 10

> 24th/25th/26th July 2020
within the framework of the studio concerts organized by oenm. the austrian ensemble for new music
You will be offered a musical excursion to La Leprara, the Italian estate of Hans Werner Henze.
The performance will include “Portraits” for cello and piano by Gerd Kühr.
Venue: oenm studio in Salzburg

> 30th April 2020
A piano concert of the thousand – “Corona-Meditation” by Gerd Kühr
A new piece by Gerd Kühr, specifically designed for presentation on the internet featuring countless pianists
Start: at 20:20
World premiere live on the internet
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> Premiere of Stallerhof scheduled for 14th March 2020 – cancelled for the time being, new date to be announced
Opera by Gerd Kühr
Libretto by Franz Xaver Kroetz based on his play of the same name
Großes Haus, Theater Hof in 95030 Hof Opernhaus
further performances cancelled until further notice
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