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Works / Instrumental Music

Móma (1981)//Six variations on a Macedonian folk song for English horn

approx. 8′

Publisher: Durand Editions Musicales, Paris

World Premiere: 16.6.1982, Cologne


Quasi una variazione (1981)//for piano based on a waltz by Antonio Diabelli

approx. 1’30”

composed on invitation of the ORF

Publisher: Doblinger Musikverlag. Vienna, Munich 1983, New edition 1994

World Premiere: 22.10.1981, Graz


Haha (1990)//Etude for chromatic dulcimer

approx. 2′

Publisher: Musikverlag Preißler, Munich 1992

World Premiere: 2.2.1994, Munich


Agleia sucht Pollicino – und findet Hans (2001)//for piano four hands

approx. 4′

dedicated to Hans Werner Henze on his 75th birthday

Publisher: Chester Music, London 2001

World Premiere: 8.7.2001, Marino-Roma (La Leprara)


Stop the Piano (2006)//for piano and tape

approx. 12′

Work commissioned by the Salzburger Festspiele


World Premiere: 25.8.2006, Salzburg 


The Violl Waye (2009)//for viola da gamba

approx. 12′


World Premiere: 21.10.2009, Klosterneuburg

Zwei Intermezzi zu Schuberts "Drei Klavierstücke" D 946 (2013/2014)//for piano solo

Two Intermezzi
1.  Intermezzo: approx.  3′
2. Intermezzo: approx. 4′


World Premiere: 19.11.2014, Graz

Praeludium - Acht Interludien – Postludium (2014)//for piano solo

approx. 5′


World Premiere: 18.02.2015, Vienna

Corona-Meditation (2020)//infinite number of pianists

Live premiere on the Internet: 30.4.2020, Graz

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