Vocal Works

Vier Lieder nach Gedichten von Miller Williams (1978)
for baritone, flute, oboe, clarinet and piano

Vier Gedichte von Rose Ausländer (1981)
for mixed choir

Walt Whitman for President (1984)
Music on three poems by W. Whitman for soprano and seven players

Wortlos (1990)
Reminisces of Stallerhof for mixed choir a cappella

L’Infinito del Sogno (1993)
for mixed choir based on poems from Giacomo Leopardi and Algernon Charles Swinburne
(work commissioned by the Arnold Schoenberg Choir)

Idea 94 (1994)
musical scenes for soprano, violoncello and piano over sonnets from Shakespeare, Spenser, Swinburne and Drayton and over texts from Lichtenberg
(work commissioned by ORF / 3sat)

Scala quasi unisona (1997)
choir pieces for at least two singers or better yet more

De Loin (1998/99)
Hommage à Perotinus Magnus for vocal quartet and ensemble
(work commissioned by ORF/EBU for New Year's Day 2000)

Kein Herbstgedicht (2003)
song for baritone and piano over the poem by the same name from
Hans-Ulrich Treichel
(work commissioned for the festival A·DEvantgarde Munich)

Three Shakespeare Sonnets (2003)
for mixed choir a cappella
(composed for the Styriarte 2003 and the Arnold Schoenberg Choir)

When I grow up (2003/04)
for Children's Choir and brass quintet (words: Petra Ernst)
(work commissioned by the Internationales Kinderchorfestival Halle/Saale)

O Camerado Close! (2006)
for vocal quartet (over a poem from Walt Whitman)
(work commissioned by the ensemble schnittpunktvokal)

An die Musik (2006)
for mixed (youth -) choir over a poem from Rainer Maria Rilke
(work commissioned by the Steirischer Sängerbund)

Kroküsse (2006/07)
for men's voices and instrumental ensemble over a poem from
Lothar Knessl

Still, still! (2008)
for soprano choir – words: Petra Ernst (based loosely on Franz Pocci)
(work commissioned by the Steirischer Sängerbund)

An die Musik nach einem Gedicht von Detlev von Liliencron (2009)
for mixed choir (work commissioned by the Steirischer Sängerbund)