Instrumental Ensembles

Marsch, marsch! (1981)
Collage based on motifs from Franz Schöggl for instrumental ensembles
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Nachtstück (1982)
"Einer Harfe Reise durch die Nacht" for harp and instrumental ensemble

Si Naturale (1991)
for 12 musicians
(Hans Werner Henze for his 65th birthday)

Vierzehn mal eins (1991/92)
solos for ensemble
(work commissioned by the Ensemble xx. Jahrhundert)

Ohne Antwort (1993)
for six instrumentalists

Streifton (1993)
for ensemble
(work commissioned by the Musikprotokoll Graz and the ZKM Karlsruhe)

Zwei mal sieben (1993/94)
seven scores for ensemble
(work commissioned by the Ensemble xx. Jahrhundert)

Sei Omaggi (1995)
for clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, violin, violoncello, piano and percussion
(work commissioned by the "Freunde des Nationaltheaters" - Bavarian State Opera, Munich)

stop and go and black and white (and sometimes blue) (1999/2000)
for instrumental ensemble (work commissioned by the Salzburger Festspiele)

Revue instrumentale et électronique (2004/05)
spatial composition for instrumental ensemble and feed
(work commissioned for steirischer herbst)

reihenweise (2008)
twelve pieces for instrumental ensemble
(work commissioned for the ensemble "die reihe")

Laute(r) Röhren (2010)
for eight tubas
(work commissioned by "kunsthaus muerz")

Música Pura (2010/2011)
five movements for ensemble
(commissioned work of Collection Essl for SCHÖMER-HAUS Klosterneuburg)